Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k 3D Resin Printer

I picked up a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k for Christmas and finally managed to get some resin today to start experimenting with it. Silly me, I thought that it would come with a bottle of resin. Oh well, there’s a MicroCenter in town and they have 3D printing supplies.

I also picked up a wash and cure station – resin prints need to have the extra resin rinsed off of them with either water or isopropyl alcohol, depending on the type or resin, and they need to be cured with UV light. Sunlight will work, but it’s winter and not very sunny here.

I’ve printed a couple of test cubes to calibrate for the resin and holy cow the detail is amazing. It blows the filament 3D printers out of the water. It’s hard to see the detail, but this is the first thing I printed – it’s about 3/8″ square.

Those bars in the X are about .020″ thick and there is thinner detail elsewhere on the part.

This is going to be a great tool. I’ve just fired up a test print of the brick pillar and the iron column for the depot I’m making and I expect them to be amazing when done.

One of the neat things about the resin printers is that the time it takes is entirely based on the height of the parts you print. Which means you can fill the build plate with as many parts as you like, it will only take as long to print as the tallest one. So printing one brick pillar takes the same amount of time as printing 15 of them (about 6 hours.)

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